Your Swiss Army website

A storefront for your customers, a tool for your business.



A home for your brand

No matter your level of design knowledge, you'll impress your customers with a full featured website that is consistent with your brand.

No design skills needed

You have complete control over the look and feel of your Webstore, from its domain name to its layout, colours and content. Quickly add new menus, enable a landing page, and choose which content to show your customers.

Schedule content

Create features and posts in advance and schedule them to appear and disappear when and where you want.

Create visually

Use our visual editor to add images, text, and title carousels. Organize and create custom menus, lists and content without any web design knowledge.

Unlimited possibilities

Unlock your site's full potential by adding your own HTML and CSS. We offer an in-house graphic and web design service if you want us to handle all the details.



Choose what you accept

Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express with no processing fees from us. Or link up your PayPal or account to give your customers even more flexibility.

Make it easy for schools

Give your teachers and librarians the convenience of automatic discounts, not requiring payment upon checkout, and the option to request quotes.

Pay when they pick up

Stand out from the competition and offer your customers a "Pay when you pick-up" option. For many users who don't feel comfortable providing credit card details online, this option makes shopping with your store a no brainer.

Discounts in-store and online

Customers who receive standing discounts in your physical store can expect the same special rates online.

Encrypted for peace of mind

Credit card information is passed from the Webstore to your Bookmanager software through a secure, encrypted tunnel. For you technical nerds, we use RSA 2048-bit asymmetric encryption with private keys encrypted using Blowfish 128-bit CBC and a passphrase.



Little to no data entry

Powered by Titlelink, you have access to book descriptions and cover images for millions of titles. As soon as a title is received in your Bookmanager software, the Webstore does the rest and provides the cover image, book description, reviews, and more.

Keyword searchable

Both your inventory and our huge database is keyword searchable. Search by title, author, ISBN, and subject, with results sorted the way you want.

Choose how you browse

For new customers, products are displayed visually using a tiled "cover view" layout. Change that layout with the click of a button to see more information, or condense it for a detailed need-to-know list view for power users and buyers.

Make notes

Want to say something special about a product? Perhaps a staff review or information about an upcoming promotion or author event? It's easy to tag products with custom messages that can be displayed in bright call-boxes to customers, or for internal staff use.

Share and make lists

Both you and your customers can create, save, and share book lists on the fly. Email those lists directly from the Webstore, share a list or title on social media, or create a print and web ready PDF.

Browse, filter and sort

Both you and your customers can easily sort your inventory and what you can order by subject, what's popular, book condition, binding, date published, forthcoming, and more.

Add custom items easily

Selling something we don't have in our database? No problem! Once a product has been received in your software, you can quickly add to its online listing. Upload your own cover image, descriptions, and product details in a snap.

See multiple conditions rolled into one

Whether you have new, used, remainder, signed, collectible, past, or next editions of a title for sale, your customer will only see one convenient entry with the choice to pick which condition they would like to buy.

It's a sale!

Quickly put your entire Webstore on sale, or flag certain products or subjects with sales discounts for easy promotions and events.


Online Orders

Pick up or ship out

Offer your customers the choice to pick up their order in-store, have it shipped out, or have you contact them to arrange the details.

Narrow down where you ship

Choose which provinces, states and/or countries you ship to. Customize a shipping calculator to automatically calculate shipping costs, or allow shipping to be determined on an order-by-order basis.

Request quotes

Give your customers the option to request a quote rather than check out. The quote request is great for school accounts needing approval or review before a large order is submitted.

Quick notifications

Customers receive email order confirmations immediately after checking out. After you have reviewed and finalized their order, another email notification can be sent directly from your software updating the customer on its status.

Sell gift cards

Gift cards can be enabled for purchase online, and customers can check their existing balances anytime.

Smart quoting for items out of stock

Set rules to define which titles can be ordered, who you buy from, and what to charge to make your desired profit margin. This opens up your customers to millions of titles that can be ordered, with no need for you to handle every request.

Orders flow into your software

New online orders automatically pop into your Bookmanager software. Whether you have one station or twenty, and no matter where you are in the software, you are notified of online orders the moment they are placed.

No lost orders

Orders placed on your Webstore are transferred into your system, emailed to your store, and saved on the customer's online account. This way, if any issues arise, you can always go back and see what the original request was all about.

Import files

You and your customers can import spreadsheets, text files, web pages, and PDFs directly into the Webstore. Dropping a file into your cart or search bar creates a list from any valid ISBNs found within.


Catalogues and buying

A buyer's best friend

Use the Webstore's powerful browse and sort options to bulk up sections and subjects in your store. Stock orders transfer directly into your software, separated by supplier.

Pubstock on the go

Your Pubstock subscription is not just a feature of the Bookmanager software. Get access to pricing and availability from over 140 publishers, wholesalers, and distributors for millions of titles, integrated right within your Webstore.

Online publisher catalogues

The majority of your new catalogues and drop-ins are available with the same powerful tools available everywhere else on your Webstore. See sales comparisons, cover images, descriptions, and even markup notes made by your rep.

Compare then order

View a title's previous sale, order, and return history at a glance, as well as how a previous edition performed. Couple this with shared sales and orders history from over 250 independent bookstores, and you've got the tools to make intelligent buying decisions.

Split the work

Multiple buyers can create their own orders and submit separately from each other. Businesses with multiple locations can quickly designate how many copies of a title go to which location, all from the same order box.

Give your reps access

Your reps can mark up their digital catalogues just like they do in person. Allow them to see your order quantities for their lines, add notes and suggestions, and even view and edit your order quantities.


Analytics & Reports

Slice and dice

Bookmanager's Analytics is a simple setup with unlimited possibilities. Utilizing your daily sales, orders, on-hands, and returns, Analytics gives you a visual approach to see what is making you money, what has to go, and where your cash is being spent.

The future is colourful

Analytics utilizes colour-coded graphs that tell you exactly what is going on at a glance. The graph's varying shades indicate how old products are, if your sales are up or down compared to the same period last year, and if your current stock level changes are helping or hindering sales.

It's all in the details

Clicking a section of the graph gives you a list of titles that make up that portion. From there, you can drill down and sort even further, allowing you to isolate big sellers and not-so-obvious flops. Hovering over segments of the graph gives you summaries for sales and on-hands, so no matter your approach, the details are available.

Analyze your Webstore

See how many visitors frequent your Webstore, what they did and ordered, and even drill down to individual IP addresses. All activity is tracked and stored for your analytical perusal.

Sort and filter results with ease

Focus in on a single section of your store, or zoom out and look at the big picture. Filter your results by subject, supplier, publisher, customer type, date received, and more.

The bottom line

For those still interested in numerical figures and stats, each graph presents a detail oriented approach below. See your sales, profit, age, averages, turns, percent changes, and more, with the same period's stats from the previous year right there for comparison.

Compare your store

If you choose to anonymously share your weekly sales stats, you can join over 250 other indie booksellers in sales comparisons and trends. How is your fantasy section doing compared with other stores? Are your sales changes from the previous year on track with everyone else? Know it all at a glance.



Inventory on the go

Bookmanager's Stockchecker is a handy browser extension that lets you see small icons next to any ISBNs found on a website. Clicking on the icon will display a mini-window that shows what you have in stock at your store, your sales history, plus a handful of other vital Bookmanager features.

Build orders

Your Webstore's order cart is built right into Stockchecker, so you can quickly create orders on any website with valid ISBNs. Orders are transferred instantly to your main cart on your Webstore for further review.

Check Pubstock

Along with your current inventory on-hands and orders, checking Pubstock for a title is just a click away. Stockchecker uses your software and Webstore's settings, so you only see your preferred vendors, and pricing quotes are based on the rules you set.


Stockchecker is available for both the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

Click here to download for Chrome
Click here to download for Firefox

Webstore Examples

See what a few of our companies have done with their Webstore:

Mosaic Books in Kelowna, BC

hello hello books in Rockland, ME

Lexicon Books in Lunenburg, NS

Blue Heron Books in Uxbridge, ON

Munro's Books in Victoria, BC

Books Are Magic in Brooklyn, NY

Books for Less in Bridgeton, NJ

Kidsbooks in Vancouver, BC



Bookmanager software users

The Webstore's full gamut of features is available for businesses using the Bookmanager software. Along with the software, you must have the following to enable the Webstore for internal/staff use:

To enable the Webstore for consumer use and to allow customers to purchase and submit orders, you must have the above subscriptions, plus the following:

  • Consumer Webstore subscription

No software (distributors, publishers, etc.)

The Bookmanager Webstore was created for use with the desktop software, but is also available as a stand-alone for wholesalers, publishers, distributors, and those already with inventory control software. Some features of the Webstore are unavailable, as they were designed specifically for use with the software. Subscriptions to our data services are still required, but special pricing and conditions may apply.

Please contact or (250) 763-4415 if you are interested in a stand-alone Webstore. We will be happy to discuss your objectives, the best ways to populate data for the site, and the costs involved.